Winnings from The New Baby Giveaway

Here it is! Finally, the giveaway I won from joining Make or Break New Baby Giveaway
Photo Credits: Make or Break
My heart was beating so fast when Sis Peh had sent me a message through Facebook. She only told me, "please read" with a link post of the winner. I click that link and watched the video from start to finish. There! I hear Sis Peh read my name and later on she showed it on the video. Yehey, it's really my name! I won. 

I am very thankful that Sati unknowingly, picked up my name in the box. I love the prize especially the diaper.  Baby Chrizs will use the FREE diaper for a number of days. It's a big, big savings for us. 

Thank you, thank you very much Sati and Sis Peh!


  1. Wow! Congratulations!!! thats a full load of free stuff...

  2. congrats... for mommies like us receiving free goods for our baby's need is such a big big thing with a big big savings... ;)