Dealing Baby's Skin Rashes

I am proud to say when my baby was born, he was very clean - no white tissues in the scalp and face; no red pigments on his face. But, when his father tried to kiss him, he got rashes on his face the next day. His father kissed him with a beard on the lower part of his mouth. Also, I fed my baby with a bottle.  So, the milk drips from his mouth to his neck. It cause rashes around his neck. It's a lesson for me because I don't place a bib around my baby's neck.

What I did is:
- Give him a daily bath.
- I bath him using mineral water and Lactacyd blue.
- Used a Hydrocortisone cream named, Hovicor, as prescribed by his doctor, after.

At first, I was hesitant to use it. Baby Chrizs, though two-week old, likes to wipe his face with his hand. He'll do it everytime  he felt something wet on his face. I am afraid he might taste the ointment. But the doctor told me to put the cream thinly on his face. 

The result is excellent and rashes gone.


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