Can't Help Staring at My Baby

When I'm in the room where my baby sleeps in his hammock. I can not help myself from staring at my baby's face. Oh, he looks so adorable and handsome! My heart is swelling with love for my baby. Tears start to get in the way of looking at my son. How I wish my mother is alive and hold him dear. 

How I wish I can hug and hold my baby from time to time. But, your mom is always on the net and I have to leave your room. I have to do it, baby. Because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I want the best for you. It doesn't matter if I am going to beg as long as it is for you.


  1. I cried after reading this post. It was short but touching, nonetheless. It was useless to fight the tears. :(

  2. Wow.. NAg emo ko. Anyway thank you so much for your comments.. From where are you? Member ka sa Bisdak Blogger nga group?