Router or DSL?

We had NO INTERNET CONNECTION for almost 2 days. That means lower sales on the internet shop. Customers would stop in the doorway and turned back their heels. Most of the clients play only DOTA until 10 in the evening. Heck, it's too early to sleep so I played Plants vs Zombies, again. heheh.

We thought the router was broken. When I turned it on, the lights went on verrrryyy slow. My husband tried to fix it up and played plants vs. zombies, after. He doesn't know that the internet was up. I took a seat in one of the computers and silently check my Facebook and emails.

Then the cashier came and we thought she will only get the sales. She asked my husband if the internet was up. She said, she called the PLDT and asked for an extension of due date.

Which is which? Router or PLDT?

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  1. hehehe... i think it's PLDT. if the cashier asked for an extension, then it's PLDT. thanks for dropping by my blog.