Baby Hammock


My husband and I want a baby hammock. My baby gets to sleep for only one to two hours. He has a difficult time sleeping, I think, when he is alone in bed especially the noise he hears outside of the room. So, I tried to look for baby hammocks online and were surprised for the new and modern trends.
They call it Hushamock! Also, in this website Miyo Baby Hammock, one of their products is a wooden stand that holds the hammock. But, don't worry for the installation. You can read the how-to installation process from their website that includes the parts supplied by their company.

But then, I am looking for Philippine type hammock like the photo below. Not the old type that looks like a bedsheet. I think it's prohibited because of the SID syndrome and accidents. You'll never know..

Credits: Caroleens Treasures
     And sure enough, his Ninong or Godfather brought a second-hand baby hammock. But, it's worn out, my husband fix it.  And there you go, my baby, who gets wild sleeping for the first time in the hammock. 
crying wild
 Later on, he sleeps soundly.
 baby sleeping


  1. old fashioned way of taking care little precious one but it will surely make mommy smile to see her baby sleeping soundly..ganda naman nung duyan liza :)

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