Morning Sickness but Not Pregnant

 This is a late post. because I can not face the computer for a long time. It makes me dizzy. No worries, I am getting better now.

Some people thought I have it! That I am pregnant but I am not.

I was having nausea one afternoon after taking a late lunch. First, I thought, it’ll happened one time. Also, I thought it’s the result of taking late breakfast, lunch or dinner. But, then at 3:40 am, I feel hungry. This time, I am tasteless whatever food I desired to eat. So, my beau and I went out to buy sardines, coffee sachets and bread. Glad, there’s hot pan de sal available. We looked at the hospital kitchen and found food not eaten by nurses. I think they are on a diet. It’s a mongo with pork tidbits.

At 4am we started to eat, Beau was enjoying his pan de sal bites. I tried eating pan de sal and put some spread in it. Then, I ate rice and mongo. After eating, I drank a cup of coffee. But then after a sip, I feel dizzy and it seems I want to vomit. I did not reach the restroom and vomit in the plants outside the internet shop. I vomit all the food I ate. I perspired a lot. My perspiration is cold.

When it was time for me to sleep, I feel my world is revolving and my headaches then suddenly I vomit. Good thing, I have a big can inside the room. I tried to lay down again to no avail because I only feel queasy. This happened until morning.. I envied beau who have a good sleep and snoring.

Beau let me sleep the whole day. Thank you very much.

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