At the Market

A late post because I can not face the computer for a long time. Previously, it makes me dizzy. 
And now, I am getting better.

On the third day, I went to the market to buy Dalandan fruit and something sour. I have tasteless buds. I bought (1) one liter of orange juice, 2 milk yogurts, and a distilled drinking water. Of course, the important thing is the fiber supplement. 

There are only two pharmacies in the market area. But, I was disappointed because none knows about Dulcofiber. I even asked a replacement as long as it’s fiber. There was none. No one sells fibers in this place. They don’t even know about it. Good thing, one pharmacy sells DXN Lingzhi coffee. At least, out of the two, I have one. I bought only two coffee sachets because I want to taste it first.

I feel tired upon reaching my place. I asked beau to make a hot coffee for me using lingzhi. I smiled because beau likes it, so, we had one cup of coffee for two… lolz.

Now, I am in bed; it’s 5 in the morning and I am wide-awake. I don’t know what’s bothering me that made me sleepless. I am not sure if it’s the coffee. But, let’s see about it.

I changed position; my head was beside beau’s feet. Since I can not sleep; I playfully massage his feet and strung his knees like a guitar. I kept on doing it, not knowing it made me fall asleep. What a great dose of medicine! lolz.

Results after drinking a half cup of coffee:
  • dizziness is gone 
  • queasy feeling is now 30% so, I am still careful 
  • Now, I can eat more from half cup rice to one and a half cup of rice in morning and lunch time. 
  • A runny nose showed up with sticky phlegm. I think this is the cause of tasteless buds. 

I can stay on the computer from 20 minutes to one hour.


  1. ako din naman dizzy minsan,, pero tugturugis man jud ko .. as in matulog jud ko hahaha... absent sa kadali sa blogging ... hehehe.. dropping by lis..

  2. @Vernz lahi man akong pagka dizzy kay mora man ug buros pero dili man diay...

    @Kidberries Thank you, too :)