Dulco Fiber Supplement Powder

A late post because I can not face the computer for a long time. Previously, it makes me dizzy. And now, I am getting better.

On the second day, it’s still the same, though. I am careful of the amount I eat. Oh, boy! If you only knew, how I want to eat and put a lot of food in my mouth. But, that was scary because I’ll end up vomiting again. Gosh, if this is how pregnant women feel, it’s a real sacrifice! Now what am I thinking!!

Photo Credit: Dulcofiber
The doctor is near, one-wall-block away. But, I choose to email friends and asked their opinions. Sad to say, no one replied. So, I thought, “gotta do what I always do”. Its like, “help yourself”.

It was evening, so I browsed the internet for a supplement that cleanses toxic out of the body. I found Dulcofiber supplement powder and DXN’s Lingzhi coffee. Dulcofiber is a fiber supplement powder that cleanses toxic out of the body. The other one is DXN’s Lingzhi coffee with Ganoderma that has a lot of benefits.

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