Controversy of Filipinos Picture-Taking in the Hostage Scene

Guess, after the so-called shame of the Q & A of Ms Venus Raj, here’s another controversy. This is an unashamed act and attitude of our Filipino people. I agree that Filipinos are fond of pictures and kept as souvenir or photos to remember by. But, sad to say, that this picture taking was done in front of the scene after the hostage crisis. While they are having fun taking pictures in front of the bus, some media or Chinese nationals were taking their pictures, also.

We know that in such events Chinese pays respect especially if one of their families was lost. For them, what had happened was a catastrophic thing. But, that is what they saw. I understand them because it’s there countrymen. If it happened to us, maybe, we will also react that way.

But, I want to make it clear that Mr. President (Philippines) has nothing to do with it. The twist and turn of events is beyond his and everyone’s expectation.

I found these photos with negative comments on this page: chinaSMACK. Tell me, is it proper?

I hope that these events will not ruin the relationship between Chinese and Filipinos.


  1. Hi Lis, laag ko diri... I think out of thinking nothing ,, bigla nalang nangyari nagpapicture yung mga tao na kung titingnan mu parti talag ng kulturang pinoy yan ,,, anagkataon na sensitive yung mga tao sa HongKong kaya nabigyan ng msamang kahulugan .... ang ending niyan o tingnan mu tung picture may multo sa likod nasali sa picture ...LOL... agi ko Lis...