Thursday Thunks: It's a holiday, people!

The TT questions are brought to you by Berleen, the color of Pacific Ocean and the number that comes after 393

So yeah, it's a holiday weekend. 4th of July... Independence Day... whatever you want to call it. But it is an Emo day for me: A lot of problems fall on this day but I am working on it to yank it back. :)

What are you doing on July 5th?
In Philippines? I'm washing clothes. Got a laundry? :D

Have you ever known anyone who has been kidnapped?
No, I haven't... even in nosepapers err... newspapers.

Does wiping with newspaper make you a smartass?
No! How will that be if you only use it to wipe not reading... :D

If someone sends you - or you stumble upon a link that will show you celebrity death photos, do you click the link?
Yes if that celebrity is my favorite :D. Besides, they are photos only not a zombieee .. ^_^

Do you decorate your computer/laptop?
No, because it is not mine.. haha

You see Bud and his lady out walking in a park... suddenly she stops and kicks him square in the ass. What did he say to her?  
Eww... why are you licking me?

There is a cockroach, a tarantula and a mouse in the room - which one do you kill first?
Cockroach because it smells bad and kept on flying

Did you know that a hay bale can start on fire by itself? Do you know how?
No. Oh, I don't know, do you?

Kimber calls you - what is her voice like?
Tiny, freaking voice that's eerie to hear

Have you ever played Battleship?

Days of our Lives paid tribute to Francis Reid/Alice Horton this week
(Francis, the actress, died in February, Alice (the character) died last week). She was 91 years old and was protrayed as a smart, witty, funny, loving, always gave the best advice type woman. Wonderful mother, grandmother, friend... many characters (and cast members) commented on how they strive to be the type of woman she was.

Is there someone in your life that you strive to be like?
Yes, that's ME :)

Do you attend parades?
When I was in a teen and those are part of the school activities

If Berleen were to purchase three 10-gallon tubs of the peanut butter that they use at Dairy Queens, would you think any less of her?
No, I don't think less of her because they need it for ingredients. Berleen told me... hehehe

If all the flowers but one kind withered and died, never to grow again, but that one kind of flower would grow worldwide forever, what would you want the surviving flower to be?
Sunflower to give us all the sunshine in all our lives..

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