A Football Hero Turned To Murder

I was stunned reading this because it’s really horrible! I’ve read this from Yahoo! News yesterday morning.

Bruno Souza was a star goalkeeper and a captain defending club champion Flamengo. He was an idol for a nation who loved football. He was also a married guy. And, he had a previous affair with a woman named Eliza Samudio who had four-month-old baby.

 Eliza Samudio was a student, model and a pornographic film actress in her country. She sought to establish that Bruno is the father of her child. She disappeared and Bruno was the suspect.

He surrendered himself to the police after his 17-year old cousin spill the beans. Her cousin admits that he was helping her abduction. She was tortured and killed. Also, a former police officer, Marcos Aparecido dos Santos had helped him. Samudio’s remains were fed to the Rottweiler dogs by Santos.

Samudio’s baby was found with Bruno’s wife, Dayana Rodrigues. She was detained

Bruno said, “He had a clear conscience”.

My opinion is it’s a barbaric and horrible solution to a problem, he was facing. You have no right to take another person’s life. With just a click of your fingers, every things is gone.

News and Photo Credits:
Yahoo 7 News