Be Aware: Facebook is giving an Apple Iphone

One of my friends has shared a link in my Facebook Profile. But when I saw it, I asked her what it was. As it turned out, she does not know about it. Probably, this is some kind of virus that gets the name in your friend's list and post the link without the user's knowledge.

The link is about an Apple Iphone promotional item. It shows a photo of an Apple Iphone with a link that says Facebook: Apple Iphone Promotional Give-away. I am sorry I forgot to print screen it. I am fond of giveaways, I checked it out. But then, this is what I saw:

It's asking me to log-in, into my Facebook account. But, I am and that's weird. WAIT!! Check out the URL below:

The link shown here is (I remove the link, if you want to see it, just copy and paste into url address).

That is not the URL of Facebook! Whatever page you go clicking and browsing using Facebook, the url always look like this: with a series of alphanumeric characters.

I think this is one of the Phising scams scattered around Facebook. According to Mashable, Facebook Attacks more Phising than Google and IRS. Read it here.

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