Lady of Lourdes Grotto in Tungko Bulacan

The Internet shop was still closed and I feel bored staying and walking around with the computers as if it was mine. Sadly, it wasn’t! So, I took a bath and left the key to the caretaker, and off to Tungko to visit Our Lady of Lourdes (Grotto).

It was my first time to visit the Grotto, known for its replica statue of the Lady of Lourdes in France. I arrived in Tungko for about 20 to 30 minutes ride in a jeepney. The fare is only P15pesos from Bigte.

How To Get There

If you are from EDSA, you may take a bus with a signage “Tungko” and SM Fairview.  The drop-off point is Tungko and probably the fare is between 80 to 90 pesos, my guess. Another way is if you are from Taft, take MRT going to GMA Kamuning, from there, you have to walk from the left side and cross the other road that you will see going to SM Fairview. There again, take a bus going to Tungko. Also, there are buses who will take you to Grotto, it has a “GROTTO” signage in the bus front window. So, from Tungko, you can see a lot of jeepneys, again signage is “Grotto”. Tell the driver to drop you off in the grotto church. The fare is only 7 pesos. I think its 5 to 10 minutes ride. Here are the photos while wandering around the groove.

The church, taken from the left wing walkway.

From the gate: This is the right wing going on top of the church. 
The left wing from the top.

From the gate: that's the left walkway, in going to the top of the church to see the clock. 

  Here are some photos I took inside the grotto.
2nd station of the cross
2nd Station:  Jesus carries his cross statues

sixth station of the cross
The sixth station: 
Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

12th station of the cross
  The Twelve Station of the Cross: Jesus dies on the cross.

13th station
The Thirteen Station: 
Jesus is taken down from the cross

That's the grotto (replica) Our Lady of Lourdes, taken from the top.

And the last photo reflects the  not-so-good site. A lot of plastic bags near the third station. I was actually trying to take a shot, far view of the park where some people are resting and eating after visiting different stations. I saw some people sweeping the area.

Amid all these, I remember my mother visiting these areas. It is like I'm following her steps left behind.