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Hi! I'm Elisa, blogger, and owner of Elisa Knows! I'm a stay-at-home mom with one child. I'm a bit chatty, now. So, let's have a cup of coffee to know me better. :) 

I was born and raised in Iligan City called as the "City of Waterfalls". I had a chance to visit other places. It's in Agusan del Sur, Agusan del Norte, Surigao, Davao City, General Santos City to name a few.

Studied basic programming in AMA Computer Learning Center. After graduation, I've worked in an Internet Shop as one of the staff. A friend urges me to enroll in a caregiver course because it's only 6-months. So, I did. I've worked in Manila as an on-call data encoder in a market research agency. Then, moved to a local call center as a full-time online researcher.  For more than 2 years of working, I learned a lot about online jobs. It was a start, a call that I am starting to love. Again, I stop and went home in Butuan City. My mother was battling with cervical cancer. In 2008, she gave up and went to heaven.

Having my own child is a miracle and a blessing. I thought that I will not get pregnant. I'm past the numbers in the calendar. But, amid a struggle in my life, he came! I conceived at the age of 39, few months before my 40th birthday. It was a surprise and the best gift that I ever had!

To make you understand my personality, I am an ambivert. Do you wonder what it is? It's between the introvert and extrovert personalities. Meaning, I can be an extrovert and introvert at times. Buzzfeed has this good explanation of the 21 Signs that I am an ambivert. There are signs or points that exactly describe my personality. This is why my friends do not understand me. Sometimes, they are wondering and perplex. Even I am puzzled until the new realization. 


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