The Author

Hey there! My name is Elisa! I'm a SAHM (stay at home mom) to my son Aiden and wife to Chris.

I love to learn new things online. Reading online is what makes me glued on my screen. I love to read more on blogging. Of course, new skills. If I can't make it offline then I have to do it online.

We are a family of three. We do not own a house. We lived in an internet shop where my husband works. We have a little room that only one of us can sleep. Make it two when my son and I sleep on that makeshift bed. At night, when the customer is gone and the shop is clean, we sleep on the floor.

I'm giving you a bird's eye view on what our life is. How we tried to cope the obstacles? How we face the struggles in our lives especially finances.

Regardless of our situation, there is always Hope. Let's learn the value of Acceptance, Positivism, and PRAYERS.

According to Oliver Smith,
Life is a journey that we must travel, no matter how bad the road and accommodations are.

Because that journey is towards God.

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