Adsense was Disabled

Google Adsense Team has sent me an email last July 19 and unfortunately, I checked it (late) at 2:30AM Philippine Time on July 22. I guess, I focused more on the other online gigs like the paid-to-click and blog visits. Also, I am not feeling well these past days.

The Reason: It was disabled because of the invalid click activity. But, I received comments from Anonymous persons/profiles here.

I sent an appeal. I admit I had a site that violate polices and that’s Earn Money Online, though. I removed the adsense ads almost a month ago before this thing happened.

I have only $80 dollars for eight (8) months. Yes, it’s not as big as what you have earned. I was expecting my Adsense revenues before this year ends.

Aside from paid-to-clicks, I depended much on these even if it took me a year to earn $100 pay-out from them. Honestly, I have no other source of income except these online gigs. Sleepless nights; forced myself to stay awake until morning.

Look at the date of my posts, it has a gap. Blog update stops on July 15 and starts again on July 21. Whoever that is (do the invalid click activity), mabungkag unta siya!! :D
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  1. ouch sayang naman yan. buti ka nga may kinikita sa adsense. :)
    kaso nawala. sayang

  2. I had also the same problem here ate. Last night I received notification from adsense that my account has been disabled because of the invalid click activity. Fortunately, I have other account to replace. Google is very strict now they can tract those IPs who are always doing clicks on you ads. They will considered it invalid because you are asking that person always to click ads on your site. And asking someone to click for your ads is a violation from Adsense TOS.Hay naku! Nakakadiscourage na mag online. Back to zero..:-(

  3. Sad to hear. I've heard similar cases each time one is about the reach the minimum payout. Hey Lisa, if you are no longer earning from Adsense, there are more online opportunities. I am sharing it at Make More Money Online and Overcashed.
    You can also personally send me an email for more tips and tricks. Thanks!

    - All the best,

  4. @red yea... super sayang talaga.

    @Liz thank you so much Liz. I'll check it out.