6 Health Benefits of Cycling


Cycling is often a hobby for many people or used as a means of transport for others. Now, whether you cycle for leisure or commuting, you not only accomplish your intended cycling purpose but also gain health benefits from this exercise.
Cycling is a way of improving your physical, mental and emotional health. It brings happiness while ensuring various body organs function properly.

So, here are six health benefits of cycling, which you may not be aware of and which will help you love cycling as a form of exercise and leisure.

1. Weight loss
Many people struggle with weight loss and go through strict diets and vigorous exercises to lose weight and stay fit. However, cycling is a simple, comfortable and fun way of burning extra calories and maintaining the right body weight.

Cycling helps to raise your rate of metabolism thus burning body fat while building body muscle. To gain maximum weight loss by cycling, ensure that you maintain a healthy eating plan and cycle for 30 minutes for thrice a week and 60-120 minutes once a week.

2. Lowering the risk of cancer
Cycling and ensuring a healthy diet will help you lose weight and maintain the right body weight. It improves your overall body health thus lowering the risk of developing cancer. Women can beat breast cancer by cycling with the best women’s comfort bikes.

3. Improves mental health
Cycling associates with boosting mental well-being by improving your mood and reducing illnesses such as stress, depression, and anxiety. The reason is that cycling triggers the release of the feel-good chemicals (endorphins) in the brain thus keeping stress at bay and making you happier.

4. Increased cardiovascular function
As you cycle, you work-out your heart and lungs, hence enabling better blood circulation. It leads to a reduction in blood pressure, heart attacks, and other heart-related conditions. Therefore, you improve the well-being of your heart.

5. Improve your sleep and boost bowel function
Riding your bicycle is an exercise that will end up exhausting you. It helps you to get rid of the stress hormone responsible for insomnia, thus, enabling you to catch a deep and regenerative sleep.

In addition to this, cycling will help you improve your digestion system. It improves the movement of intestine muscles and absorption of water in the body. It enables your body to produce softer stool, thus, boosting the functioning of your bowels.

couple in a bycicle

6. Improved your esteem and Intimacy
Cycling will boost your vascular health thus increasing your sex drive, as research shows. Intimacy helps your overall body health and regular "did" may prolong your lifespan. Also, for women, cycling will prolong the onset of menopause and women can acquire bikes from women’s bicycles for sale. Cycling helps you build muscle and tone your body which gives you confidence and self-esteem over your body. It will then reflect in your life.

All in all, cycling is a fun activity in which you can carry out with friends or spend on some alone time. Riding a bicycle will give you both health and social benefits. Thus, take a bicycle and go on a small tour around your town for the improvement of your body health.

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