Crazy About Bitcoins

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I sign up with and had my own Bitcoin address, I become crazy in mining different links for satoshi. I signed up the first week of October 2015 and started mining or farming around the first week of November. As of now, I have more than a 0.00065000 Bitcoin, which is equivalent to more than 100 pesos.  That's Philippines currency. Yes, you can laugh because it's a bit small. I am a starter. I am willing to learn more about the techniques, tips and tricks that are legal ones. There are illegal ways like using a bot to farm satoshi that will make your account ban in the system.

Before you join us in Bitcoin, you must have these qualities and things:

This the most important in a job to keep it flow. Like anyone who's working or not working, nothing comes easy with just one click. That's magic! You have to have patience in clicking different faucet links for you to earn bitcoins.

A Nice Computer with Excellent Internet Connection
Of course, you need a computer with an excellent internet connection. It doesn't matter if someone's bugging you behind or someone is crawling on the floor and tickle your feet. As long as you have those, it is the way to go!

That's the best and friendliest mouse, you ever had. You can touch it,  you can glide it before you click it! You must remember that, it's very handy when it comes to clicking different links.

A Drink
Oh no, I am not referring to hard drinks. What I mean is water and coffee, that's fine with me. If you like juice, that's okay. This is for the time you'll be facing the computer with long hours. 

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