How I Utilize My Time Without Internet

Sunday morning, the internet was not available. Now, is the 4th day and counting of no internet connection. We had PLDT line who has no connection while Globe and Smart have the internet. These are the only three giants in our area of location, anyway. Lately, we had thunderstorms and I think PLDT facilities are sensitive. Every time the thunder claps, the internet becomes giddy. I pity those students who want to work on their projects through research/the internet, anyway.

Since, I can't do anything online, I thought of utilizing my time like these:

1. Writing articles - Any topics that pop into my mind. Then read and rewrite it again. When the internet is up, it only takes a few minutes to check grammar/spelling before publishing it.

2. Coding -  The basic HTML codes. This is the time in which I can focus on the errors. I had a lot of distractions when the internet is up. So, this is the best time for me.  

3. House chores - I've always washed our clothes. But, cleaning our room and electric fans from specks of dust and cobwebs is a task every week. Now, it's an everyday chore.

4. Cleaning and arranging the plants - I can only do this whenever I have time. It's only a small area on the front lawn. Rake those dead leaves, then place it in the hole and put some soil over it. It's good as fertilizers in time.

There are lots of things to do, actually. You can cook with your kids, play with them, swimming and more.  Do whatever is available. The most important is you spend time with your family.

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