Fifteen years ago, I had an x-ray and the result was cardiomegaly. When my ob-gyne doctor saw it. She gave it back and told me that it is okay. I am the only one who can cure it myself. Her assistant even assured me that there is nothing to worry about because I alone can recuperate it. Just free myself from worries and problems. My mind was blank and I said nothing. I just nod my head.

Now, I remember:

"One time, it was an infantry battalion's anniversary and as the (former) wife we were invited. When it was time to go home, my neighbor whom I was supposed to accompany with has walked off. I called her name but she's too far away. I tried to run and called her name BUT something happened. I have to stop from running because I lost my breathing. I can't breath, I thought I am going to die in the grasslands. I remain standing and tried to stay calm as much as possible. I breath in and breath out through my mouth until my breathing was normal."

Perhaps, what happened before, was a part of cardiomegaly. But, I just neglect it based on what they had told me.

 And now, the x-ray found out it's cardiomegaly, again.

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