Daddy and a Baby.... Rushed Baby in The Hospital

Yesterday, both my husband and I had a sleepless nights because of baby's fever is high again. I am sad and worried. At 4:30pm, we gave him medicine for his fever and runny nose. Then, my husband told me to feed him, earlier. So, we can get and catch some sleep. He stand up and mixed cereal for baby and I feed the baby. Husband took the baby in his arms and I gave another antibiotic medicine. Supposedly, I'll give him 7.5ml dose of the antibiotic. But, after giving him the first dose (2.5ml), he vomit. My husbands' and my shirt were both wet from water and cereal. I stop giving him another dose for a breather. So, baby will rest and sleep.

At 12 noon, after feeding the baby for his lunch, husband carry the baby to sleep. I admit, I'm sleepy too but I gave them the chance to sleep together. Especially, husband is so tired from work and responsibilities with the baby. While, I watch the internet shop and have a chance to write posts for this blog. After an hour, baby started to cry again. He does not want to stay in bed but in his father's arm to sleep. Oh my, baby is now heavy. The father, patiently carry him in his arms and sleep on a beach chair. Oh, I forgot to take their pictures. I am grateful with my husband and at the same time, pity him. I know he's very tired. Still, he carry our baby and give me a chance to write a post while watching the shop.

At 5:30pm, baby's fever is 38. I feed him and then gave the antibiotic. He cried and slap the dropper many times. Yet, I forced him to take the medicine. A trustee from the hospital took baby in her arms to soothe him. But, before I can give the last drop of the antibiotic, he vomit again. Instantly, the trustee told me to bring him to the hospital. Immediately, my baby was admitted and given an injectable antibiotics. At 9:30pm, he's fever is 38.8, so, they gave him a paracetamol (injection) medicine through the iv.

As of this time, both my husband and baby were sleeping soundly. Before leaving, I touch baby's forehead and luckily, the fever subside.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I hope your baby will feel better real soon. Hoping you & your husband will get some much needed rest in also. Happy new year.

  2. Hope your baby came out OK and is doing well by now!!