Updating plus 2 New Blogs

Hi folks! Do not be surprise if my post is only one or two a week. I'll be updating my blog posts and widgets. Earn Online has a lot of contests that are closed. So, I will update that post. Maybe rearrange the widgets or delete one of them. Also, I'm looking for a new template for blogspot. Not again! Yea, I can hear it, but what will you do if it's a free template? Only the browsing of free templates takes time and difficult.

On the other hand, I have two blogs in which I won from a raffle! I talked about the new blog on Earn Online but will not keep mum about the second. Both, these blogs has no other post except Hello World . Both needs a Free template for Wordpress. Another thing is I have to travel to Cavite to bring a bag full of cards to post.

So stay tune!

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