RCBC Phishing Email Attacks

I received an email about an Account Suspension/Security Reason from 'RCBC'. It says that RCBC will disable my account for security reasons. So, I have to reactivate it NOW by clicking a given link.

Hover your mouse to the link for activation. Attach is a secret link to a fake RCBC site.

Now, I click the reply button to see the email of the sender. Please note all the red circles.

When I check the RCBC website and look what I found out. A marquee (moving text) warning their customers of the phishing attacks.

Be  Careful! When you log in your username and password especially in an online banking. You'll never know, it's a wrong link. As for me, I deleted it and did not bother to click it but share it with you. Why? because I have no account in any bank! It was closed after I lost my work.


  1. Wow thanks for the info. I'm very suspicious of such emails but there are some who are susceptible to such. Very informative post. 8)

  2. Thanks for that tip sis. My mama is going to open a bank account sa rcbc but i'm glad she didn't push it through and opened it other bank instead.