Ghost Hunt Episode "Doll House"

I feel sleepy  watching the i-net shop while my son and husband have a mid-morning catch of sleep. So, I browse youtube for anime episodes and found "Ghost Hunt". This anime is not that scary and it got me glued on my seat. The main character is a paranormal researcher who is a poltergeist. A poltergeist is not a monster but a person who can move objects around him using the power of his mind. But that is not what I am going to share with you. It is the 4th to  a 6th episode that had moved me to tears. Yes, tears easily dropped into my cheeks while watching it.

The 4th to a 6th episode is the second file of Ghost hunt anime. The title of this episode is "Doll House" in which a little girl was talking to her doll. But then they find it weird when the little girl defends and listens to what her doll says. The thing is that the girl only hears what her doll says. The doll is own by a ghost-mom who haunts for her child. 

The ghost mom killed herself when she couldn't bear the thought of losing her one and only little daughter. Her daughter was either taken by a stranger or drowned near a river. 

In the end, Naru, the ghost hunter, decide to give back her little daughter by showing a script in a wood carved and formed like the little child. Then throw it upwards. And told her to get her daughter and leave the place.

Suddenly, the wood turned into a golden yellow of a child who giggles with arms spread running for her mother's hug.
When the ghost mom saw it, her face was changed from gloomy to a surprised mom longing for her child and spread her arms to catch her.

When the ghost touched her child, she was changed into a shining gold yellow that pertains to happiness and satisfaction; hug her child tightly and vanished. Then, the ghosts of little children she took were laughing all vanished.

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