Musings In My Mind

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 9. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Lainy of Lainy’s Musings.

We lived in an internet shop with one small room for us to sleep! Everyday, there’s a lot of noise, heat and radiation emits from the computers. You can just imagine how hot it is when the weather is starting to boil. The owner told us to use electric fan instead of an aircon. I guess, she wants to lower its expenditures.

 When the baby was born, we stayed in our room because if we go out, it's too hot. 

While, I rocked my baby in my arms to sleep, I am musing for a crib and laptop.

What if he has a crib with rolls royce? I can move it anywhere where he can sleep peacefully. Perhaps, he can sleep long hours under the Talisay tree or Mango tree in the backyard. The leaves of those trees that extends like an umbrella, shields the heat from the sun. That's why it's so cool to stay underneath those trees.

With a laptop, I can blog, click ptc's and do other things online while watching my baby and be with him. I think it's convenient for both of us. Unlike a computer (that is not ours), I have to leave it to take a nap or carry my baby to sleep. Sometimes, it's a shame to use the computer because there are customers waiting in line.

These are the musings in my mind. Now, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that one day, it's for real.


  1. just believe and have faith... it will eventually happen in God's perfect time....

  2. hi lisa, as rovie had said, just believe and have faith. coupled with hard work and perseverance, who knows.. someday it might come true. right?

    by the way, thanks for joining and supporting the weekly giveaways at Techie She. wishing you luck. have a great week ahead.

    Godspeed and regards!