EMO For A Week I

For a week, I log online but I don’t stay long on my blog and didn’t do the routine blog-visits/drops. I do checked my emails everyday, checked my Facebook notifications and replied them. But, most of the time, I watched Naruto’s episodes and played Plants vs. Zombies to pass the time. If I am not facing the computer, I stayed in the room; writing then trashed it and slept. These go on everyday… until I feel better. I am glad my boyfriend understand, though. He asked me what’s wrong? But I never told him.

What really happened?
First things first, I am hiding from morning until 5pm or 6pm. But, no, there’s no police but only a cat. I am like a mouse who hides from a cat, not that she’ll eat me but kicked me out if she happens to know I STAYED HERE. These happened for three days. Instead of going into the kitchen, my bf would bring me food inside the bedroom. I feel like a sick person.

Second, I still feel this emotion of what had happened with my Google Adsense, though. I received an email from adsense about my appeal last Wednesday July 28. It says,

“after thoroughly re-reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into consideration, our specialists have confirmed that we're unable to reinstate your AdSense account.”

Fine! Both, my hands are trembling, I was really angry, though. I only have an idea who the culprit was but I can not pinpoint him or her based on photos. I replied,

“Thank you Google Adsense team. Disabling my account doesn't stop me from blogging. On the other hand, I'm glad it's disabled because no more invalid click activities, anymore. A good experience is worth it for a good lesson. Goodbye!”

Third, a site that’s into micro job have not published the work I’ve done in the tab, “Tasks I’ve Finished”. It happened twice and my mistake, I did not print screen it as a proof. I tried to cancel it because some of my info’s are there.

Last, some ptc sites I am working on has turned into a scam.

All the things that happened, I took it seriously and by heart. I feel as if I am carrying a heavy burden on my shoulders.


  1. i can feel your words...
    so sorry about your google and the ptc scams..

    just remember that i'm here to drop my sweet d(o)nuts to cheer you up!

  2. wala akong idea sa google adsense, kasi i tried to sign up once, hindi naman na approve so di na ako ng apply ulit :D

    tsaka ako from Bukidnon pala... eheheh