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A woman's body comes in different sizes and shapes. I'm a plus-size baby. It's a real problem when I look around the racks for plus size tops, plus size bottoms, curvy tops for women and even plus-size undergarments. Most of the clothing displayed looks like an hourglass figure.

A woman doesn't have to humiliate herself because it doesn't fit her or doesn't look the way they want to look in others eyes. Forget those scrutinizers, be yourself and wear what you love to wear.

What Do the Car Repair Shops Have in Common?


Some of us need a vehicle when we're living and working around from the province to the city. It saves us time and money. But then, sooner or later, that some of us need our cars repaired. We don't have to be an expert. As the car owner, we have to know what goes on with our vehicle when fixed. If your car broke down, bring it to a car repair shop. So, what do a car repair shop offers have in common? Let's find out below: What do the car repair shops have in common?

If your car broke down and carried over to a shop, they usually do these things repeated to your vehicle. Below are the lists of the most common repairs a repair shop do to your car: 

Wearing Dresses and Boots This Summer

Summer is the warmest season amongst the four.  It is also a difficult time to choose a comfortable dress and boots to wear for the season. Get your entire outfits ready for the summer.

Cotton is ideal for sunny weather. That is the reason why they wore it far and wide. It allows air circulation around the fabric like a breather space. You better check the labels to make sure it's 100% cotton.

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Summer Dress White Straps Neck Floral Print Pattern Short Beach Dress