Top Three Reasons Why a Woman Should Wear a Wig

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A wig is an accessory cover over the head or hair made from human hair, animal, synthetic or fibre. If you based it on history, the Egyptian men and women used it. One woman that stood out from using a wig is Cleopatra, who wore a headdress. This industry is enormous because of its demand. Why does a woman like to use a wig? What are the reasons behind it? Let's find out. 

How to Stay Sane Amid Pandemic?

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Do you still remember the day before the first-ever lockdown happened? How about the last day you went outside without wearing that facemask? Perhaps, we all have been wondering what happened. But since the pandemic had hit the country already, the least we can do is to follow the protocol set by the government.

Covid-19 has been overwhelming to all. Imagine the changes that happened instantly. Who would have thought that it will last longer, even today, with no certainties until when this will end? What’s interesting about this pandemic is that despite the negative impact it caused us, we still manage to cope-up with its threat. Slowly, we adapt to the changes and that living the new normal as we call it now has been easier than how we thought of it.

Simple Hacks for Ziplock Bags


According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary, a ziplock is a plastic bag with an interlocking groove that forms a tight seal when pressed together. What I like about it is its affordable and multipurpose packing selection for foodstuffs and non-foodstuff items. This type of ziplock is perfect for private and non-private use.

Women's Swimwear by Lime Ricki

A swimsuit is a garment used for swimming, sunbathing and beauty competitions as costumes. Swimwear has different names such as bathing suit, swimming costume, and swimming trunks (for men).

As for me, wearing a bathing suit in public makes me feel ashamed. Don't get me wrong. I am not used to wearing it. But it is a  prerequisite to follow the proper swimming attire. I doubt it if you like to wear trousers while swimming your hearts out.

3 Effective Online Marketing Tools


The key to optimal performance within any company starts with marketing; you can sell the most outstanding products and deliver the best customer service; if people don’t know about it, your sales won’t justify your work. This aspect that most corporate companies soundly adhere to and have mastered over the years of business experience. Marketing is no longer giant expensive billboards and advertisements on tv. The internet has thrown the marketing industry on its heads. Thanks to platforms like Google, smaller institutions also stand a chance to carry out meaningful marketing campaigns that won’t break budgets. According to statistics, 50% of online sales generated starts with keywords being searched; this means if your website can solve someone’s problem, you most likely made a sale. Let’s look at three practical marketing tools that will boost the sales of just about any company.