Infographic Guide on Healthcare-Associated Infections

These are infections that a person gets while staying at a healthcare facility for a different health condition. It may happen in some, which include hospitals, surgical, renal disease facilities and long-term-care facilities. If you want to know more about this, kindly read the infographic below:

Infographic created by Evergreen Medical Services

How a Heartbreak Will Affect You

Heartbreak breaks a heart to the extreme! It happened to me recently. It makes your heart feel badly hurt and numb after. I think it helps a person to cry than not crying. If you can't shed a tear, it affects your heart badly. I wrote about this experience but did not publish it yet. Perhaps, in time when I finish my tasks.

Below is an infographic of a healthy way to heal after a heartbreak.

Provided by The Infidelity Counseling Center

The World of Blogging


Blogging had recreated my life after I went downhill. I lost my mother from cervical cancer, no job and penniless. I move out of a boarding house to live with my boyfriend, who's now my partner. At that time, he worked in an Internet shop and had given me a computer to use.

Starting A Blog
When I start a blog, I have zero knowledge about it. A friend had guided me into it. 

The Low Effort Guide to Keeping Your Home Clean

Let's be real for a moment, we all love it when our home is tidy, organized, and clean. However, it's all too easy to let life get in the way of those daily cleaning tasks. After all, it can seem like a great deal of hard work to keep your home spick and span, can’t it? The funny thing is that it actually can be relatively easy, if you follow the tips in my post below that is! Keep reading to discover what they are.

Start With the Basics Every Morning
Some tasks need to be done day in and day out. Indeed, they often must be completed before any of the other cleaning tasks can be done. These tasks include things like unloading and loading the dishwasher after breakfast, putting on a load of washing, and making the beds.


Handmade Organic Soaps from Momma and You & Samsons

Decades ago, I used a product with a Goat's milk ingredient for my skin and beauty regimen. I can sense it moisturizes and make my skin soft. Unfortunately, the company stop producing it. Just imagine my feelings when they stop it.

Today, I feel ecstatic knowing that a new skincare brand had emerged with Goat's milk as one of their product ingredients. Yay! 

Momma and You brand products made from natural and organic ingredients. It is for the women, children and even infants who have sensitive skin.