My Family's 2017 Christmas Celebration


My family and I spend our Christmas together in the little abode - The Internet shop. We didn't go anywhere. My husband decided to close the shop on Christmas day. So, we will have time for each other and do the things as a family.

Guess, I miss being in a real house where there are no computers around. I just imagine and feel contented going around cleaning and washing clothes as a wife does for the family. While my husband was cleaning the parts of the personal computer in each cubicle. My son was busy on the computer watching animated series for kids.

The only thing I can't do is cooking for Christmas. We do not have a kitchen. But, there's a hospital kitchen nearby which is two doors away from the shop. If you are wondering, the Internet Shop is part of the hospital building. We are hesitant to use it. So, we decided to buy cooked foods from a restaurant. We bought food that's enough for us to eat.

Our food for the eve of Christmas was simple. It consists of a:
  • medium-sized platter of Filipino-style (sweet) Spaghetti
  • one whole Lechon Manok, it's a whole size of chicken cleaned, spiced and grilled on top of a charcoal ember. 
  • A small platter of Pancit Bihon,   
  • 2 Loaves of Bread
  • 1 liter of Coca-cola

That's it! We're good to go for this season! Looking forward to the year 2018 for good health and more blessings to one and all.

A Christmas Celebration Promo by Novuhair

You're wearing a garb for the holiday with an elegant gift for a kris kringle or gift-giving to your love ones and friends. But wait! Check on the mirror, is your hair set for the season's party?

Fresh from the shower, you look attractive and yet it is momentary. Since we live in the tropics, it spoils our looks making us feel sweaty and smelly. The persistent changes of our weather makes our hair dry and delicate.

By using different products adds damage to our fragile hair. These are the hair conditioner, shampoo, hair treats to styling products that grooms our hair. The synthetic materials threaten, the natural oils and luster of our mane.

Because you are what you eat, the fate of your crowning glory is in the plate. Your diet must have the correct balance of vitamins and minerals to supply hair with all that it needs to become shiny and strong. So don’t overindulge, especially this time of the year when gastronomic feasts are spread almost everywhere you go. Be careful on what you take in, thinking that it’s also what you feed your ‘do.

Even stress can wear off the beauty and health of the tress. And that’s exactly what you should avoid this Yuletide season. Never put pressure on yourself just to please everyone. Just take it easy, let your hair down and party all night long.

In this time of gratitude, NOVUHAIR makes everyday “a good hair day” for its valued patrons like you with its Christmas and Year-End Promo. Get an extra NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo 200 ml. worth P1,040 for FREE if you buy a NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack at participating WATSONS stores nationwide (DOH-FDA CCRR Permit No.: 967 s. 2017).

Packed with 19 natural ingredients—mostly standardized herbal extracts, essential oils and co-factor nutrients—NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion does not only help prevent the hair fall malady, but also aids in stimulatinghair growth. NOVUHAIR helps prevent hair loss, improve overall appearance, promote nourishment and rejuvenation. It is clinically-tested and proven safe and effective.

Opt for the best with this Christmas and Year-End promo. Whether it’s a luxury gift for your loved ones, or a self-indulgent treat for you, NOVUHAIR has the perfect gift to inspire and keep you party-ready this Holiday season, while providing you with the ultimate styling result.

For inquiries, please call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575. You may also visit or Novuhair’s Facebook page – Novuhair Official.  

Finishing The Assignments With Ease

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One just needs to open the web site and get going with the work process. A free estimate can be calculated before placing the order so that one does not feel cheated with the web site at any case. One can simply select the type of paper required, number of words or pages and the level or the academic session in order to get the estimated budget. This budget also varies from the various types of topics available and of course the deadline provided by the client. Once the budget is seen one can get going with the placement of order.

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A Joyful Holidays with SvelT'i


It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. From frenzied last-minute shopping sprees to multiple Christmas parties, we really can’t deny that the holidays are just around the corner. But, despite all the infectious merriment that the holidays bring, we also cannot deny the fact that all the stress the holiday season brings can absolutely take a toll on your skin with all the late-night partying, non-stop eating, and mad traffic we all have to deal with.
So how do we deal with these skin SOS and still be as glowing and youthful during the holidays?

Always Keep Hydrated
The holidays are the perfect excuse to indulge in booze and stay late at night especially with all the Christmas get-togethers you need to attend. But keep in mind that too much alcohol and less sleep can take a toll on the appearance of your skin. “Skin care addresses two concerns: wellness and aesthetics or our sense of being attractive, that’s why we do have to take care of our skin and not take it for granted most especially during the holidays which can be really stressful,” emphasizes Dr. Lalaine Salazar, Medical Director of the SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Drinking lots of water can help keep your skin hydrated but there are also other ways of doing so.


Purify and Nourish
No matter how late you come home from a night of drinking and partying, never forget to rid your face first off all the make-up you wore and end your day with nourishing your skin. The thorough cleansing and washing away of make-up before sleeping is also an important part of skin care. To cap the skin care regimen, Dr.Salazar recommends a cleanser that can prevent the onset of pores, blemishes, and acne; it will also improve skin tone and heal any skin inflammation.

After washing your face to get all the make-up gunk off, apply a proper facial serum that provides anti-aging effects accelerated by the climate, stress, and even genetics. “It makes you look youthful and energetic. Our stem cell ampoule also reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles, improves the skin tone, and softens the skin as well.” Says Dr.Salazar.

Detox Your Skin
The holiday season is definitely a time for gift-giving so why not treat yourself by giving your skin a much-deserved detox? Aside from eating healthy and doing a good amount of exercise, you can also gift yourself with a cream that can help bring back the skin glow that was lost during the holiday frenzy.

“Externally, you can apply every morning our massage cream that infuses the skin with collagen. Collagen rejuvenates the skin and makes it appear youthful. Our production of it reduces as we age, but products like the massage cream infuses regular doses of collagen that add that let the skin’s natural glow to shine.”

“Since Christmas is a time for giving, it is high-time that you give yourself the best gift you can have and that is the right skin care regimen. With all the stress you have to deal with during the holiday season, a trip to a skin clinic such as Svelt’i is a great reward for yourself. Do proper skin care daily and you will see the results,” enthuses Dr. Salazar. “To ensure that you are on the right track, you can confirm the methods and outcome of your skin care regimen with clinical specialists who will advise you accordingly. A monthly visit can do wonders for the overall wellness and aesthetic appearance of your skin.”

Treat Yourself
Of course, one of the best skin regimens ever is to stay healthy and keep a positive outlook because it would definitely manifest on your skin. But since it’s the holiday season, why don’t you give yourself a Christmas treat and go all out on skin care? “If you want to reward yourself this Christmas, go for SkinRenew,” says Dr.Salazar. “It works on three levels that really rejuvenates and firms our skin. It exfoliates, infuses, and oxygenates it. Exfoliation removes the dead cells from the skin and replaces them with new fresh ones. Infusion gives the skin cells the nutrients they need to fight disease and the effects of aging. Oxygenation makes the skin vibrant and gives it that youthful glow.” Nothing would be more rewarding than having healthy and glowing skin to welcome 2018, right?

The holiday season may take a toll on your skin but with these holiday skin care tips, you can keep your skin looking stress-free and beautiful and welcome 2018 with a bang!

To know more about SvelT’i’s treatments, please inquire at (02)332-7546 / 09188-SVELTI (783584) or visit the clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City from Mondays to Fridays from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. You may also visit SvelT’i FB page at and IG account @SVELTI_PH.

5th Annual Filipino Bloggers Network Get-Together & Christmas Party

On it's annual celebration, the Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN) marks the 5th year of its togetherness into a get-together and christmas party. Filipino Bloggers Network with the help of sponsors and its partners who gives support has become a progressive group in the country. 


Salu, a famous Filipino restaurant in the Quezon City area will be the host for this affair on December 12 with another co-main sponsor SvelT'i, a health clinic that gives advanced health and beauty treatment.

The FBN members assume the function as a moment to make new friends and catch up with old friends. Representatives from different PR groups and brands will assist the event to thank members of the online community.

Currently, FBN has about 2,000 members and continue to grow. It provides a place for Pinoy bloggers from the different parts of the country. The groups co-admins Divine RC and Richard Mamuyac, moderates the discussion and posting of opportunities from different brands. The MetroBuzz led by its admin, Lariza Garcia, supports the group and expects the gathering to be enjoyable and breathtaking.

This year’s celebration was supported by the following generous sponsors:

An all authentic Filipino restaurant. A journey to more than 7,107 taste bud experience. Facebook:

logo, salu, SvelT'i

SvelT’i Slim, Trim & Glim
Provides advanced health and beauty services using state of the art technology. They offer non-invasive body and skin rejuvenation therapies to improve body curvatures and reverse the signs of aging. Website: | FB: | IG:


The biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, with a market share of more than 20 percent which it has consistently maintained for more than three decades. Its portfolio includes some of the biggest prescription, consumer healthcare and personal care brands in the country. Website: | FB: / IG:


Dermcare is one of the Philippines’ leading skin, hair, and wellness centers. Escape from life’s daily stresses, and bask in pure body and soul pampering in their network of branches all over the country. Website: | FB: | IG:

Gardenia Galicia is Gardenia’s delightfully delicious surprise for the whole family. The best complement to your favorite bread! Choose from 2 exciting flavors -Hazelnut and Milky Chocolate! Website: | FB:

JJEMM Service Apartment opened its 2-bedroom apartment last December 2016 to serve the short term stay requirements of travelers (families, balikbayan, couples and group of friends) to Bataan. The apartment is fully furnished and bedrooms are equipped with air conditioner. NOW, no need to worry about booking process and have your stay in the beautiful province of Bataan because JJEMM Service Apartment is now on Airbnb:

Novelina is an industry leader in the production of powder and cream hair color. At the same time, it also carries its professional line of hair care products which includes cream hair color, shampoo, conditioner, and rebonding formulas. Novelina is also the OEM manufacturer of hair-color for two of the world’s largest and most prestigious hair-dye brands being marketed in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China, North and South America, as well as the Middle East. Website: | FB:


Porky Pit is a new Brand of Diancia Trading Inc, that will engage a business using a best part of lechon “Lechon Belly” in a theme of “Cebu Lechon on the Go” a Lechon in a Shawarma? So Filipino would not just eat Lechon whenever there is gathering but it is now on the go. FB: | IG:

Cebuana Llhuillier is the Philippines’ leading and largest non-bank financial services provider specializing in pawning, remittance, and micro-insurance. Website: | FB:

PR Partners


Trend Spotting Ads Consultation Agency uncover creative ways to reach untapped markets - whatever or wherever they may be, using alternative, aggressive yet more cost-effective methods. It also offers niche marketing with different media. Wherever are the right opportunities, Trendspotting is there to catch great results. FB:

Mode Devi is the company behind ExperienceTravel.Ph which is a travel & lifestyle magazine for everyone and where you can share your own passions, and the travel, food and lifestyle finds along your journey. FB:

OCI Group is a full-service agency ready to take on the challenge of the fast changing and demanding world of communications. The goal is to provide clients with strategic communications campaigns that are well integrated with client’s goals, responsive to the needs of client’s public and provide value for every investment entrusted to their team. FB:

Havas Media Ortega is the first full-service media agency providing end-to-end solutions in the Philippines. It does not only offer the most complete and cohesive set of media services in the Philippines, it also aspires to provide clients work that is best in class in all the media channels on offer. Website:

Perceptions, Inc. is a public relations company that provides PR counselling and various corporate and marketing communications services to business and industrial organizations, government institutions as well as trade and professional associations. Website:

Strategic Works, Inc. works with the possibility of making an idea come to life as they spot the hot buttons that unlock consumers’ hearts and brand success. They do Public Relations, Creative Services, Activations, Events Management, Digital Marketing and Advocacy and Social Marketing. Website:

Catalytx is a seamless strategic marketing partner to its worthy Clients, committed to helping them build their brands and grow their business. As the name implies, Catalytx is a catalyst for provoking and inspiring change for the better and in becoming the spark that ignites and shapes the world. Website:

FuentesManila is one of the few full-service PR agencies in the Philippines. While publicity remains its core service, FuentesManila provides the following services to its clients: Publicity, Special Events, Online Publicity, Advertising, Media Monitoring, Creatives & Graphic Design and Digital PR. Website:

LeapOut Digital has the technical knowledge, industry experience and full access to hardworking digital tools required to deliver high- performance digital marketing campaigns for their clients. The Manila and Australia operations give LeapOut Digital the wealth of expertise and the full support necessary to create successful digital marketing programs for their suki. Website:

PRC Inc. is an integrated marketing communications company with PR as its core competency. Our services include brand and corporate PR, mounting of media related events, tactical monitoring and crisis management. Website:

M2Comms – As a PR agency, M2.0 understands that perfection doesn’t exist – but greatness does. Their team won’t waste your time by coming up with perfect plans that will be easily derailed by circumstance. For them, it’s better to execute now with a good plan and get immediate feedback. If the results are not good, they’re ready to own up to our mistakes and revise the plan. And if the results are good, they’ll improve the plan until the clients achieve greatness. Website:

Mplify is a marketing company established with a good purpose and powered by great passion in helping businesses reach its higher potential and thus amplify the business, and provide business solutions through various marketing strategies. Website:

Digital Circles is a digital marketing services PH firm specializing in social media consulting & organizing digital campaigns for brands & organizations. Website:


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Flash Sales for Lazada's Grand Christmas Promo up to 95% off

Hello Mommies! The Lazada's Grand Christmas Sale has started and it is up until December 12. Below is the 2nd part of the today's Flash Sale. Hurry up, mommies! This will end until 4:00pm.
Dec. 8 Flash Sale, Part 2 of 3
TimeProduct NameSRPFlash Sale
12nnLENOVO K8 NOTE 4GB + 64GB (Fine Gold)     13,999.008,799.00
12nnToshiba Canvio Ready 3.0 1TB Portable Hard Drive  2,456.002,348.00
12nnNIVEA Body Oil in Lotion Rose & Argan Oil178.0089.00
12nnAmerican Heritage VACUUM CLEANER HANDY AHVC-941,499.001,112.00
12nnCrazy Horse leather men shoulder messenger bag men's bag2,481.00719.00
2pmNew York Sneakers Dean Rubber Shoes - M100-3(BLUE)1,598.00549.00
2pmPalmolive Healthy & Smooth Cream Conditioner 180ml, FREE Palmolive Shampoo 180ml191.7095.20
2pmLenovo Tab3 Essential 7-inch 8GB Wi-Fi Only (Black)  4,999.002,699.00
2pmWD My Passport 2017 1TB  (Orange)5,999.003,100.00
2pmLenovo Miix 510-12IKBIntel® Core™ i3-6006U Processor 12.2in FHD IPS GS TOUCH (Slim) Win 10 Black 34,999.0028,999.00
2pmMicrophone Wireless KTV Karaoke Bluetooth Handheld Mic HIFI Speaker WS858 (Pink)1,638.00449.00
4pmOreo Assorted Cookies 352.8g Tin Can274.40219.52
4pmIkea Pruta Foodsaver 17-Piece Set and IKEA STEKA Frying Pan Bundle(Orange/Dark Blue)1,500.00699.00
4pmHanabishi HIFF-900 Industrial Floor Fan 9840.00649.00
4pmGoPro Session9,990.006,349.00
4pmSamsung Soundbar Hw-J250 (Black)6,499.004,299.00
4pmi2i UDRA 299 SQUARE,UV 400, SET OF 31,345.50399.00

How My Mom Sent My Brother To School

When my parents were both alive, they went into a real struggle within their married life. My father found someone else while working in an appliance store. It was sad and painful for her. I'm affected by it.

My brother was starting in college. He took Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation in a private school. With all the stress surrounding her, my mom couldn't think straight for a moment. She was thinking of my brother's tuition fee and other expenses. And God is good. God gave her the wisdom to think or solved her financial situation. This is what she did!

Selling Blankets Made from Flour Bags
My mom went from one bakery store to another to buy unused flour bag. One bag costs is only $0.22 or one peso. To clean it, she shake off the remaining flour, soak it in the water for a while before washing. To remove the prints from the flour bag is risky. She uses gas, a liquid form bought from gasoline station. It is usually used for lighting a lamp. When the flour sack is clean, she starts to sew two flour sacks. Two flour sacks is equal to one blanket. A blanket made of flour bag is $2 or P100.

Help from Relatives
In my eyes, I am so astounded from the relatives on my mother and father's side. They help her in my brother's tuition fee and fare in going to school. My heart was full. I am overwhelmed to see them do it. Thanks to them. For my part, I did send her money for little brother's school.

Playing Bingo
Bingo is a fun activity for low-income Filipinos. You pay for a few cents, if you win, you'll get $20 or one thousand pesos depending on the amount you played. My mom tried her luck with playing bingo games. Since, I live far from her, a niece told me how lucky she is. She won not only a thousand but thousands. She used the money as a fund for my little brother's tuition fees and other expenses. She sent a tithe to a church for thanksgiving mass. I am thankful that my mom knows how to play and used it.

This is how my mom sent my little brother to school. It's nothing to be ashamed of because it's an approach to do good for the family.

Win Yochi-Yochi 3-in-1 Safety Harness US Only

A child's harness is for the prevention of separating from the child and the parent. Especially if the location is in the malls or supermarket. As they say, it is better safe than sorry. We are having a giveaway that a parent would be interested - a Child Safety Harness. Check out below for further details before joining!

Sponsored By: Lucky Baby World

Hosted By: Love, Mrs. Mommy

5 WINNERS will receive: 

A YochiYochi 3-in-1 Safety Harness! Can be used as a walking harness, portable high chair, and cart safety strap. $135 TRV Giveaway!

Open to US entrants only and must be 18+ to enter.
Giveaway Dates ~ 11/22 9:00AM EST through 12/13 11:59PM EST

Disclosure: Love, Mrs. Mommy and all participating bloggers are not held responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize obligations. This giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook or any other social media site. The winners will be randomly drawn by Giveaway Tools and will be notified by email. Winners have 48 hours to reply before a replacement winner will be drawn. If you would like to participate in an event like this please contact LoveMrsMommy (at) gmail (dot) com.

Win Girl's Beauty Stocking Stuffer Prize Package

Disclosure: This post and giveaway contain affiliate links. Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment. 

giveaways, prizes
Who does not want these prize packages as giveaway for your little girls? I bet if they see these, they don't like it but love it! Join us and enjoy this moment. Who knows? You are the winner! You will get the prized package for your girls. So, join us now and submit your entries.

Welcome to the Beauty-Full Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!

Are you looking for some glamorous stocking stuffer gift ideas for your little diva? We've rounded up some beauty products that will bring her hours of fun long after the holidays have ended. These unique beauty gifts are sized perfectly to fit into a stocking and will bring a smile to her adorable face. For another unique idea take a look at Tiffany's Mother and Daughter Pampering day over at The Mommy Island!


First up in our stocking stuffer roundup is the Pink Fizz Girls All-In-One Mega Glam Beauty Binder- Kids Pretend Makeup. This fun set is non-toxic and washable so your star in training can play all day without any worries!


Next up is the Totally Friends Cute Monkey Shaped Kids Makeup Vanity. This compact monkey-shaped case will make her squeal with delight when she opens her stocking. Including eyeshadows, lipgloss and more she can take this compact vanity anywhere for some glamour fun on the go!

Last in our beauty trio is the My Beauty Spot 7 Piece Flavored Lip Gloss Gift Set. Featuring seven delightful lip glosses so she'll have one for each day of the week. Sweet flavors included are, Jelly Berry, Candy Blast, Icy Mint Kiss, Blueberry Pop, Vanilla Sugar, Cherry Bomb, and Raspberry Fizz!

Enter The Giveaway!

Three lucky entrants selected by the entry form will receive the Stocking Stuffer Beauty Prize Package! (ARV $35) This package features the 3 beauty products mentioned in this post. (subject to availability) Open to entrants in the US, 18 years and older. Participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment. This event is open for entry from 11/15-11/30/17 at 11:59 pm EST.

Just click below and it will bring you to the Rafflecopter window"

Track and Report Your Expenses with Spent Money


Everyone needs a money manager to manage their monthly expenses and income. It is very important to keep a track of your personal finance. Well, if you’re in need of a helping hand, then Spent Money is your best option. It is your ultimate expense manager, money tracker and receipt scanner that will help you manage all your fiscal needs. It permits entrepreneurs and freelancers to easily handle their day to day transactions and finances while getting cash back to increase a few bucks in their wallet.

It allows you track spending, handle your purchases, keep a track of your receipts as well as submit expenditure reports live via the app. It has been specifically designed for people to manage their professional and business together while keeping their monetary transactions separate. The best thing about Spent Money is that it gives automatic cash back via online shopping or in-store purchases or just by linking your CC. Be it anything you shop for regularly, it will track back and provide you cash back. Truly, it is one of the best personal cashback app.

When you’re looking for an iTunes expense manager app, you basically want it to keep a track of your deposits, expenses and receipts. Well, Spent Money does it flawlessly for you. It helps you import all your expenditures, organize them as professional and personal spending, create specific folders for expenses and then scan all the receipts.

This google play weekly money tracker app isn’t just for simple income and expenditure updates. It is a complete business expense reporting software which allows you handle your company account. You can get a complete detailed evaluation of your spending habits and check your flow of expenses. So, if you’re a single entrepreneur and want something really simple and easy to use then, this is the perfect app for you.

Some of the amazing specs of this app are mentioned below:

• It is a simple to use app which helps you manage your personal as well as business finances.
• It has a receipt scanner.
• It provides you with an additional profit of earning cash back.
• It allows you to import your credit card and bank transaction on its own.
• You can easily segregate your business and personal expenditure.
• It can generate electronic receipt for purchases below $75.
• By the end of the month, it will allow you to analyze your spending habits.

It has a wide network so when you purchase anything related to home and office, dining or travel from its partners web, you can get amazing cash backs. If you’ve been looking for a reliable and efficient help for your fiscal management support, then Spent Money is your one-stop solution. It will help you earn cash back, organize your money and handle reimbursable expenditure.

The app is available for free on Android and iOS. All you need to do is install it and manage your income and expenses without any hassle. You no longer have to maintain accounting books or hectic management software. Just install this one app in your phone and your whole month monetary transactions will be taken care of without any trouble. Enjoy a trouble free fiscal month - Go for trial now!

7 Romantic Get-Away in the South of France

France boasts of gorgeous towns and quirky country retreats with exclusive beach resorts and rustic vineyards, where one can make any of their romantic dreams come true. South of France is like a bottle of the finest wine with complexity and depth and offers the perfect spots for romantic getaways. Do not miss the chance to escape to enchanting landscapes and magically secluded retreats with spectacular views all around you. Stay at any of the villas in the south of France and enjoy the romantic allure of the idyllic rural villages and rolling vineyards. Enter the charming part of the world dotted with picture-perfect villages and extraordinary restaurants. Bask in the finest flavors and scents of the countryside that are sure to invented romance.

Ice, Ice Baby: Whip Up a Super Simple Ca Phe Sua Da

ca-phe-sua-da, iced-coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee is delicious paired with Banana Tree's Vietnamese food. Get one at your favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Soho or find the recipe here.

The ritual of coffee is a beautiful, magical thing. From the gentle sound of the water boiling to the rich, fruity, chocolatey aroma that wafts from the steeped grounds, coffee brewing is a deeply sensory experience that drives true espresso enthusiasts to obsession. Still, the flavor of coffee isn’t for everyone – naysayers often suggests that it’s too bitter or acidic for their liking (crazy, we know).

Fortunately, the Vietnamese have invented a coffee drink that will satisfy the tastes of both coffee fanatics and cynics alike. Ca phe sua da, literally ‘coffee, milk, ice,’ is easy to prepare and even easier to drink. It’s made by combining a rich dark roast coffee with sweetened condensed milk over ice, resulting in a beverage that tastes more like a milkshake than your typical morning brew.

Coffee skeptics needn’t be concerned about bitterness or acidity when it comes to ca phe sua da: the coffee lends just enough of its flavor to give the drink complexity, but the sweetened condensed milk adds a creamy hit of sugar that really steals the show. Plus, serving it over ice further mutes any harsh notes from the coffee – it’s science!

But just because ca phesua da is ridiculously drinkable doesn’t mean that coffee snobs can’t enjoy it, too – the beans used to make a traditional Vietnamese iced coffee are undeniably strong and aromatic, and the sight of sweetened condensed milk gracefully swirling through a glass of thick black coffee is enough to bring a tear to any barista’s eye.

Ca phe sua dua is excellent any time of day. Its buzzy sweetness makes for a great afternoon pick-me-up; true coffee lovers have been known to sip it for dessert in place of a decadent pudding. However, our favorite way to enjoy this special drink is alongside an array of authentic Vietnamese dishes like the ones at Banana Tree. There’s nothing like slurping a steaming bowl of pho and cooling down your mouth with a Vietnamese iced coffee between bites.

While you aren’t likely to find this drink in your neighborhood coffee shop, it’s worth a trip to your favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Chelmsford to order one. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you could even roll up your sleeves and try your hand at making ca phesua da for yourself.


The classic preparation for ca phesua da calls for the phin filter, a Vietnamese drip coffee maker similar to a tiny French press. You can use whatever coffee maker you have on hand a pinch, but for the full experience, look for a phin filter. We also recommend choosing a Vietnamese or French dark roast. You want a coffee strong enough to sing through the sweetness!

Once you try ca phe sua da, it’s likely to become the only thing that’s able to get you out of bed in the morning – though you may just find yourself craving some pho for breakfast, too.

Ca PheSua Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee)
Serves 1

150ml strong brewed coffee, preferably a Vietnamese dark roast
3 tbsp. sweetened condensed milk (or to taste)

In a glass, stir together the brewed coffee and the sweetened condensed milk. Pour into another glass filled with ice, serve and enjoy.

Win Two Tickets to Cirque Dream Holidaze


Happy Holidays! What are your plans with your family? Is it going to movie or watch a theater plays? Why not bring your family to a magical stage production? I'm sure it'll make your family happy and excited especially the kids.

Make Christmas magical this year with Cirque Dreams Holidaze! Holidaze is a multi-million-dollar live stage production with never before seen performances, over 300 costumes, 20 of the world’s best acts, the finest singers, original music and seasonal favorites. See snowmen, penguins, reindeer, gingerbread men, Santa and more!


See Cirque Dreams Holidaze from Friday, December 1st through Sunday, December 3rd. Tickets range from $29-$69 and can be purchased from Olympia Entertainment, The Fox Theatre box office and TicketMaster.

For more information, visit:

Performance Schedule:

Friday, December 1                 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, December 2            3 p.m. & 8 p.m.
Sunday, December 3              2 p.m. & 7 p.m.

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Believe It or Not! My Real Halloween Short Stories

halloween, short stories

I know it's late for the Halloween. But, I'd like to share these short stories that happened in my life almost 40 years ago. These happened in different stages of my life. This is my real, my Halloween tell-tale short stories. It's up to you if you believe it or not.

Story I - Is it a Kapre?

What is a Kapre? According to Beast and Myth's website, it is 8 feet tall with a mixture of human and ape. It has a black and brown hair.

Perhaps, I'm 5 years old at that time. I remember my little brother was a baby or maybe a few months old. The location or lot where we had lived was owned by my Grandma. It was grassy with a lot of trees such as coconuts, bamboos, and Nipa (palm trees that will grow on the side of the river).

It was night time when a distant neighbor shout for help. She was the mom who shouted, "Tabang! Tabang akong anak" (Help! Help! My child). It is a Cebuano dialect. We were alarmed. We can hear shouts of the child and a strange sound like raar. My father has decided to check what was going on. Before he goes, my father told us to keep quiet even if we see something strange.He warned us not to shout. Just keep quiet.

My mother checked the doors and locked it. She also closed the windows except for one in my parent's room. It is facing the highway. Mom urged me to go to sleep, though. I kept my eye on the open window. I can't sleep, I keep on watching the window until I saw someone walking on the street. I whispered and told my mom that I saw someone walking. We can hear him say, "ak, ak". The sound is strong and angry. Even if it's too dark, I can see his large-build body and his red eyes. It is too dark to say that he has black hair around his body. My mom said, go back to sleep. I went back to my makeshift bed on the floor and prayed hard to keep us safe.

Early morning, my father came home. He told us the story. He said it was a Kapre. The child was walking towards their home with a torch. Suddenly, when he passed by a bamboo tree, someone grabs him. He was scared when he saw who grabbed him. He shouted for help and fought. According to my father, the mother came running after what she saw and kept on shouting for help. They are pulling his son's hand while the other was pulled by a Kapre. The Kapre was trying to pull and get him in the dark.

When my father arrived on the scene, he prayed silently. Father knows some Latin prayer and that's what he did. The child was freed and was taken home. Father told us that they all prayed together to ward off sickness.

Story II - Red Eyes on The Window

This is a very short story that happened after I came back from Manila. Our house was transferred on the other side of the highway. The house where we once lived was turned into an office of the Valderrama. It is a logging company who occupies and rent the land owned by my grandmother on father's side.

Again, it was night time. I sleep with my Uncle (my mother's big brother) and a cousin. We made a make-shift bed on the floor. It was made of wood. The room has a window made of wood. It has a screen against mosquitoes. I tossed and turned around that made my Uncle angry. I couldn't sleep. So, I just lay down in a supine position. Then, my eyes saw something in the window. It is not only one, but two red eyes. It looks like watching me. Out of fear, I closed my eyes but turned to open it slightly to check if it is really true. It is really two red eyes watching me or us. I tried to wake my Uncle and my cousin. in almost a whisper. My Uncle answered under his breath like a horse snorting. He said, yes, I saw it. Don't move and pretend to sleep. It will just go.

I told my parents about it. They said it was only checking on you. Then, I went to the back of our house where the window of the room was located. I feel the fear rising. The window is high from the ground and there are no footprints.

My uncle said it was a balbal which means manananggal. A creature with wings that flies in the night. Sometimes, they fly only with half of their body

Story III - Is The Woman A Ghost?

I was in grade school. Our house was in front of Fil-Eslon. It was made of bamboo. Behind our house was a river- a part of Mandulog river which is now closed, I think.

It was night time. I sleep beside my parent's house helper. Our room has no door. But, it has a curtain. It was cold and I thought it's windy because the curtain keeps on flying from different directions. Suddenly, I saw someone walking. I can hear the sound of flip-flops that was dragged. My eyes went big for fear. I don't know what I'm going to do. My heart was beating fast. What I saw was an old woman with white long hair. I thought I am dreaming but it was real. She only told me to study hard and finish your school. Else, You' ll be a pity. Then, I closed my eyes.

In the morning, the house helper said, "Now, you know what to do in school?" I was surprised because she knows it. She told me she's awake and turned her back on me. My mother thought it was her mother. A ghost?? Am I going to believe that? I feel bad, though.

For years, I've been telling these stories over and over with my friends, when we struck a conversation about elves, giants and other fearful elements. I told them you can laugh at my stories. You were lucky, you were not born 40 years ago. Nowadays, it is hard to believe. So, it is up to you if you believe it or not.