Book Review : Everything and a Happy Ending

Everything and a Happy Ending Book Review
To be honest, I am not into biographies and/or memoirs book. After reading it, it made my heart cried. I've read some pieces of my life in the past. When you fall in love, it does not always end in roses. You need help, you want to confide it to the closest in your family but they won't listen. Now, I'm talking!

I would like to extoll the author for writing this book. This book is the voice of those women who are in the same boat. But, could not speak what's on their mind. Also, this reminds me that I am not alone in this battle. Of all the things that happened in life, you must learn to Accept it! There is no other whom you can turn and cry on except God!

Everything and A Happy Ending, a memoir published by Mascot Books, details the journey & soulful shift of her story as Tia shares her holy grail & trail she took to transform her life. After moving through her own metamorphosis she then helped an old friend, Ray Romano, move through his own transition, going with the flow very privately, but most profoundly.

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Dream Catcher Catches Me

I was hopping on different Facebook pages, Then, I saw a dream catcher photo designed for the home. When I first saw it, I feel in love. All is sudden as warm tears were falling and racing down my cheeks. The painful truth has dawned on me. To realize that we have no house of our own.

"I want a dream catcher hanging on my room. But, I realize
the place is not ours and arranging it is limited."

I am emotional. I dream a house for my own family to live especially for my son. A warm home where I can be free to rearrange and decorate it. A home where I would wake up early to prepare and cook food for my family.

Ah, those dreams! Dream catcher, catches me! I only watch you from my computer but you hit me hard.

The website where I lay my eyes on is

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What's this?
I can't believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
Wake up, Jack, this isn't fair
What's this?

30 Years of Elevating the Filipino Lives - Mekeni


“A person’s measurement of success is not by how much money he has but by how much the same success affects other people. You cannot only look at your own success but also see that others around you succeed too. Then you can say that you have succeeded in life.” These are the words of Tatay Felix Garcia, founder of Mekeni Food Corporation.

Bewell-C is The Gift of Health for this Season

bewell-c, vitamin c

In our haste to come up with the best Christmas gift this season, we tend to forget that every person’s well-being will always be on top of the list, thus, a gift of wellness is something that will be well-received.

Around the globe, holidays means parties everywhere which also equates to frequent sleep deprivation not to mention increased alcohol intake for some and the bad effects of second hand smoke for others. All these factors contribute to lower immune system and this might not be a good match for the holidays.

Moving To Appleton, Wisconsin

fox river, appleton
The Fox River of Appleton, Wisconsin
One night, I received a call! It was from my cousin Lida who resides in Chicago. She called to tell me that she is moving to Appleton. Oh boy, I thought she was joking. She says she have to do it to move on from a heartbreak. "Why of all cities, you choose Appleton?", I asked. According to her, the place is quite and traditional. It might be humid but there are times the climate is warm like the people living in that area. I twitched and slumped on a chair. I know she had decided. She laughed at my reaction. When she thought I am worried. She sat beside me and said, "Cousin, don't you worry! I'm a big girl, now. Before I moved to that place, I made sure that I have a place to stay. There is nothing to worry! I searched the Internet and made a list in the City of Appleton jobs that I am going to apply. I think, I'm in, already! I'll be working in a store of Guitar Center of Appleton!". I sighed and hug her. I told her to be careful out there. Just remember to call me. I am always here for her.

On Physical Therapy with Dr. Ronald Samaniego

When I was a kid, my mother would bring me to a hilot. Hilot is a Cebuano word for a person who kneads or rub the parts of your body. For blood circulation, relaxation and medicinal purposes.  Likewise, physical therapy advocates massage,  manual therapy and hydrotherapy. To help and treat people in the exercise of the joints.

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The Head of Novuhair Bags Agora Awards

award, novuhair, agora
The President and CEO wins in the Individual Category of the 37th Agora Awards.

Nutramedica, Inc. President and CEO Sheila Mae Velilla bagged the Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Medium Scale at the recently concluded 37th Agora Awards. Nutramedica is a homegrown 100% wholly-owned Filipino enterprise that manufactures and distributes Novuhair, an acclaimed line of products that addresses hair loss.

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Chronicles of Doodles Paw Couture

pet apparels, dog

How you ever heard of Doodles Paw Couture? Doodles Paw Couture is a manufacturer and retailer of a pet apparel and its accessories. Founded in 2006 by Ms. Bernie Alfonso-Leytte who is the owner and a pet couture designer. Out of passion, the business was born for the love of their pets which start as a hobby. Also, it is a part-time income for the owners, themselves. Both working as full-time employees in separate International Banks, Ms. Bernie worked as a Senior Manager and Mr. Chris as an Assistant Manager in another International Bank, Below are the chronicles of the Doodles Paw Couture from, how it started, its struggles, advocacy and present statures.

Quote of The Day

quotes, robert louis stevenson

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, 
but, by the seeds that you plant"

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Learn How To Play Guitar

Learning on how to play guitar is not that easy. It takes patience, focus, and attitude to learning each chord. You must start from the beginning. First, let us learn the basics.

Parts of the Guitar
No one will ask about the parts of the guitar. But, in my own opinion, it is important to know it. What if, someone will ask you to do it using that one word that defines a part of a guitar. At least you know and understand what that word means.

Learn the Chords
Others will teach you the chords while you strum the guitar. As for me, you have to know the chords first and take notes. Just in case you forgot, so, it'll be handy.

Herbalife Survey: Lifestyle Aspirations for Millenials at Work

Survey reveals that more Filipino millenials are interested in an everyday physical activities outside work. They find it challenging to maintain their healthy and active lifestyle in the modern workplace.

PHILIPPINES,October 27, 2016 – Herbalife Nutrition, a global nutrition company, has released the findings from its Asia Pacific Millennials At Work Survey 1, which revealed that Filipino millennials are adapting a healthy, active lifestyle, however, most believe their current workplace environment prevents them from doing so.

Millennials, or people born in between 1980 and 2000, are opting for a workplace that will encourage them to stay active, if only this will be embedded in every company culture.  About 83 percent or eight (8) in 10 millennials have agreed that they would like their company workplace to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.

herbalife, survery

The Role of a Forex Broker

Investing to forex trading doesn’t require documents for you to qualify. In fact, as long as you are willing to invest for this field, you can then become a forex trader. But not when it comes to forex broker. As an investor, we need someone who we can rely to start our way to making money towards trading and this is what Forex broker’s duty.

Selecting a forex broker may ride on your requirements such as choosing a binary options broker wisely. He should provide professional and fast solutions to any technical issues related to the platform. So to make an affordable profit on every trade, an excellent forex broker always offers a higher leverage to its traders. He is the one who will provide you up to date knowledge, low spread, and low minimum deposit with low commission. To trade forex successfully, you are in need of a great forex broker.

By means of dummy accounts, you can readily learn the forex trading with no investment. Like every profession, a modern forex trading demands hard work and a lot of study. Yes, it can be a confusing topic to get your head around, but once you understand a few key things you'll be just fine. Undoubtedly, it is one of the excellent ways to make lots of money in a short time. It is often misunderstood as one of the methods to make quick money.

Some brokers deliver complete services while a few of them just manage the orders that you make for a specific trade. Thus, even though it's challenging to find a viable broker, it's still possible.

A number of the forex brokers are quite efficient in their services. You'll locate various types of forex brokers in the market that are willing and prepared to accept you most of them form unique nations and location. On-line forex brokers provide traders tools and services as a way to guarantee a prosperous trading via their platforms. When you start to examine the many forex brokers out there, make sure that the portion of their service is to give current advice on all currency trades, the present economic environment, and options offered for your very best spread for your trades.

Brokers are a fundamental section of an investor's everyday lifestyle. They help you in making your investment towards trading success. When trading forex, it is necessary your broker knows and offer stop losses. Regulation typically, regulated broker is your very best shot. There are many famous brokers on the market.

In the event the broker cannot be able to determine the actual time for placing orders in the foreign exchange market, choosing such a broker is not going to be an excellent decision if you prefer to be prosperous.

An ideal forex broker always uses current computer software to boost its capabilities. There are many Forex brokers present today all around the world so finding the right one for you will never be a problem at all.

JSPuzzles - Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle

jigsaw puzzle, free puzzleJSPuzzle is a jigsaw puzzle that's easy to use. It is user-friendly and what is nice about is it is FREE. They create it for the love of playing a jigsaw. Puzzles are good in stimulating the child's mind and its development.  All you have to do is to create an account. 
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Watching Julie Roberts

julie roberts, country singer
Photo Credits
Watching "The Voice" in YouTube is a stress reliever. I love how the judge's exchange dirty tricks to win the contestant and choose them as their coach.

6 Reasons to Book Your Trip on TravelBook.Ph

travel booking, travel agencyTravelling is exciting and yet it is stressful. Preparing all the things you need and let's not forget the important traveling papers. So, how about booking for hotels and resort destination? Is it confirmed, yet? I hear you.

Live Readings at Glorietta 5 #romanceclass #feelsfest

Hear ye! Hear ye! Book lovers, bookworms and book reader enthusiasts!

#Romanceclass will be on the 22nd of October 2016 at Glorietta 5 in Makati. The indie book authors will be there to meet their readers and sign books.

Awesome Birthday Celebration

It's my birthday! I did not plan to buy anything like food and such. My introvert attitude says, I'll pray with my heart and just be thankful for this day. But, my brother was persistent. He promised to come and bring a cake if I cook or buy pansit for him. But, what makes my birthday totally awesome:

Brother's arrival
As what he promised, he arrived with the cake complete with my age. But, I have to keep it as a secret. Please excuse my hair
cake, celebrant, birthday

Sharp Plasmacluster with Air Purifier

air purifier, mosquito catcher, Sharp
Your Defense Against the Threats of Dengue and Zika virus - Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher from Sharp.

According to the World Health Organization, the mosquito is the meanest animal in the world. Mosquito carries a virus and infects humans like the Chikungunya, West Nile virus, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue and Zika virus. Hence, the Philippines is a tropical country where mosquitoes are uncontrolled. Be vigilant with any approaching dengue flare.

In the recent incursion, the Zika virus is a disease carried by a mosquito breed (Aedes aegypti) that carries dengue and malaria.

Save Money With Shopback

I’m an online shopper, I admit it! But, it doesn't mean as a "social butterfly" kind of a stay-at-home mom. It happens that there are things I prefer to buy online. Also, it's less hassle to carry on different products in one hand, avoid traffic and heat, right? That's convenient. A friend introduced me to Shopback, though. I'm hesitant if this was true. After I sign up, it's history! Let me walk you through on how to save money while shopping online with popular stores.

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5 Shopping Tips for Your Home

shopping tips, home
Nothing is as exciting and tedious as shopping for one’s home. Buying a house maybe daunting, but making it a home is the (never ending) challenge. Realistically, it will always be a work in progress – filling bits and pieces of a house to make it feel more like home, more like yours – a place that speaks your personality and lets you feel at home.

Lessons Learned: Blogging Mistakes

blogging, mistakes, lessons
In the past days, I've been busy pretending to be a wannabe web designer and digital artist! I've been researching and reading to enhance my knowledge about redesigning my own blog. Since I cannot hire them for real, I have to do it on my own.

Novuhair Supports Alopecia Areata Awareness in Celebrating Inner Strength

September marks the month-long commemoration of Alopecia Areata awareness worldwide. Alopeciaareata is a condition when hair loss occur due to faults in the immune system attacking the hair follicles which results in partial or total loss of hair on the head and other parts of the body.

Leading this year’s celebration in the country is Alopecia Philippines, a group founded by singer and songwriter Abby Asistio in 2012. She has been championing the cause of empowering citizens with this condition.

Abby is no stranger to alopecia, having been diagnosed with alopecia areata since she was four years old. Abby’s decision to come out in public with her condition was a major turning point in her life.

Experience the Luxury of Bed Linens by Canadian

bed sheets
Claret Canadian Percale Collection 
Just imagine the luxury of coming home after a long day from work amid the Metro Manila traffic. When in contact, you slowly give in to your bed’s playful call to slumber. Your eyes grow heavy as you drag your tired body, anticipating the warm caress of your duvet cover wrapping you up in its cocoon of comfort. Slowly, the thoughts of the exhausting work day drift off while you climb the peak of relaxation. Hours pass as if they were seconds and you wake up the next day feeling very refreshed, ready to start the day but not really keen on leaving the comfort of your bed. You sit up, smile and think of how the time you spent shopping for bedding was all worth it.

Invest NOW with The Sun Life Prosperity Card

matteo guidicelli, sun life

One of today’s most in-demand celebrities, Matteo Guidicelli, is featured in the latest television commercial of Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) And get this: there’s not just one, but two Matteos going up against each other.

The TVC shows two Matteos with strikingly opposite tactics: one tries to impress by bragging his material possessions, including a new phone and a credit card, while the other woos her by promising a brighter future together with the help of the Sun Life Prosperity Card.

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Ghost In The Shop

ghost, spirit, horror
Photo Credits : Pixabay
Two nights ago, around 10:00 pm to 11:00 p.m. in the evening. I saw a ghost. This is what happened.

Father and son went out to buy snacks. The only person I'm with is the hospital trustee in the internet shop. The shop is the adjacent building of the hospital. A nurse came in to inform the trustee about the new patient. Of course, they both went out to prepare the patient's room. I'm left alone but I'm not afraid because the lights are on.

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6 Quirky But Effective Tips to Save on Groceries

Savings, Groceries, tips

Payday means grocery shopping and yes, overspending! You’re not the only one who has driven out of the parking lot with bags of food, personal items and even the most ridiculous products you don’t even need. You may have heard of the usual “plan ahead and make your list” advice and after months of doing that, and failing miserably, it may be time to check out other ways to avoid the buying frenzy. Here are six odd ways to make sure you only get what you need from the supermarket.

SUN LIFE’S #LiveBrighter Campaign: Millenials For A Financially Prepared Generation

sunlife, campaign

The new generation of workforce, the Millennials, wants to grow with a company that respects their individuality while being part of a noble cause. Such opportunity is possible when one becomes a Financial Advisor. This is a door that Sun Life (of Canada) Philippines, Inc. opens wider with a recruitment drive called #LiveBrighter. It aims to present the profession as a career choice for Millennials who wish to have the time and resources to pursue their passions as they advocate financial foresight and planning.

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Are you Financially World Class?

Manila, Philippines - PHILIPPINES   “You can learn how to become a Financially World Class Company by making your finances simple and getting your management team focused on the right measures”, said Mr. Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA. 

And this is exactly what he is going to impart in his inaugural seminar-workshop entitled “Make Your Company Financially World Class” happening this September 28-29, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Manila Galleria powered by The Society Events in partnership with ADFIAP and ThinkTank Global Branding.

From his two decades as a financial analyst and business owner, Andrew created a simple, easy-to-understand, comprehensive way to get any management team focused on the financial measures that matter.  Using the same system, you can make your company financially world class.

Who should attend this two-day seminar-workshop? 
  • Entrepreneurs looking for ways to beat large, established competitors
  • CEOs, CXOs, CFOs, MDs and Senior Management
  • Highly competitive management team membrs
  • New managers who are looking for new ways to be more effective
  • Advisors and coaches to senior management
The seminar is broken into four parts and all materials will be provided.  Participants will need to provide financial data on their companies prior to the event and will work through their own plan of action to take away from the seminar.

And, the most awesome deal is each participant will get a 30-minute follow up Skype call with Andrew after the seminar to help the participant to continue to implement what they have learned.

AndrewStotz, FinancialAnalyst
Mr. Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA is an award-winning financial analyst with twenty years of experience at various investment banks. He is the CEO of A. Stotz Investment Research, an independent research firm which helps companies improve their financial performance; and individuals and institutions grow their wealth. He has been a university lecturer throughout his career, and earned his PhD (Finance) from the University of Science and Technology of China. Andrew co-founded CoffeeWORKS Co. Ltd., Thailand’s leading specialty coffee roaster and has authored two books: You Won’t Get Rich in the Stock Market… Until You Change the Way You Think about It and Transform your Business with Dr. Deming’s 14 Points. He currently serves as the President of CFA Society Thailand and has been a Chartered Financial Analyst since 2001.

Register now until September 16 to enjoy a Php5,000 discount!  To register online for the seminar-worksho, please go to  For inquiries, please free to send an email to or a message to 09178419571.

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Roland Synthesizer Price List

I chance by a group of teenagers who were having a band practice in our local barangay. When the band leader saw me, he immediately approached me. He told me that the group wants an instrument that produces a wide variety of sounds. That, it will generate signals to convert the sound through loudspeaker or amplifier.

As part of the community, I told him to buy a roland synthesizer. That fits his description of the instrument. Aside from the brand's good name, it has gain a world wide reputation of high quality sound. It has a vast range selection of synthesizer. One example is the Roland JUNO-DS61 Synthesizer.

In the Philippines, the cost of a Roland Synthesizer is around P40,000.00. That's $861.63 depending on the dollar rate conversion. Well, we can make a list of the prices from store-hopping! Then, compare prices from different musical stores, which ones give the lower price. Do you want to join us? Hop in!

Fight Diabetes Naturally

According to the International Diabetes Federation (Western Pacific) or IDF, the Philippines has emerged as the worlds diabetes hotspots. It ranked as no. 15 in the world and home to more than 4 million cases of diabetes. 

Ampalaya Plus

The Philippine Department of Health promotes Ampalaya, that belongs to the 10 medicinal plants. It is an effective way in controlling and retaining our blood sugar level. 

ampalaya plus

Last August 11, 2016, Dr. Emil Aligue, a Medical Consultant of Natural Quality Corporation was interviewed by "Barangay Simbayan", a radio program that airs at 9:40 to 9:50 a.m. on Radyo Veritas 846.


The Natural Quality Corporation is the maker and selling Ampalaya Plus, a natural dietary food supplement that helps to retain our blood sugar level.

ampalaya plus
Dr. Emil Aligue, Medical Consultant of Natural Quality Corporation, would share to us the benefits of Ampalaya in our daily diet.

For the additional information about the benefits of Ampalaya Plus, please watch this testimonial video of Veritasph

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Coolato Gelato Artisan Flavors!

coolato gelato
When you say gelato, it means an "ice cream" in Italian. Sometimes, it amazes me of how it was done and made in different flavors and toppings. When you say ice cream, it's yummylicious and cool especially in summer/hot afternoon. 

Now, a store named Coolato Gelato has opened its doors to the public  for only a few months. It is becoming a favorite of the people from the South. Strategically, it is located beside the cinema of SM BF Paranaque. With a glance, one cannot help but notice Coolato and its colorful interiors with the welcoming couches. 

Coolato Gelato has a wide range of flavors and toppings which can yield 182 different combinations. You can choose from 13 regular flavors like sea salt caramel ripple, cookie crunch crumble, and chocolate dream are for the kids at heart who love their more traditional flavors. Also, they have Strawberry Made in Heaven, Mango Madness, Oreos and Cream, Coffee Explosion, Cookie Monster, Macchiato Madness, Black Forest Forever, Banoffee Pie, Almond Divinity, and Matcha Green Tea. You can make these flavors stand out more with 14 different toppings to choose like marshmallow, caramel popcorn, crushed biscoff, choco pretzels, choco flakes, choco covered raisins, choco chips, oreos, fresh mango, fresh banana, banana chips, cashews, almonds, and pistachios.

gelato, ice cream, menu
Facebook | Instagram 
 Coolato is a handcrafted artisanal gelato. They literally make the ice cream in front of you and you can even take a video to show off. Don’t forget to tag them on Instagram and use  hashtag #coolatogelat. Like them on Facebook for more updates. Please check out the links above.

A cup of coolato gelato ranges from Php120 to  Php150. While the toppings cost Php25 each. It may look small but this cup is filled to the brim and unless you’re a gelato lover, you might find yourself sharing a cup because it’s really a lot.

coolato, gelato, ice cream

Travel with Your BPI Card at the 5th Travel Expo Madness

travel expo, travels, bpi
Marie Josephine Ocampo- BPI SVP (Payments and Remittance), Dave Lim- Philippine Airlines SVP (Commercial Group), Chicoy Enerio- COO Tourism (Promotions Board), Ma. Paz Alberto- VP Travel Innovators Inc., Wanda Corazon Tulfo-Teo, USec. Department of Tourism, Jaime Bautista, PAL President and COO, Raymond Michael Tee- President Travel Innovators Inc. , Lorenzo Formoso- COO Duty Free Philippines.
The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) allows you to enjoy travel deals and free trips only with your BPI Card at the 5th Travel Madness Expo!