Hello Again Blog!

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How are you and your visitors? I hope you're having a great and blessed day. You know, I am so sorry I have been neglecting you for these past months. I am sorry I haven’t written an article here. There are words circulating in my mind, but I can not write it in a soft coy, instantly. My hands are busy with house chores such as laundry, filing scattered items in my room and sweeping the little backyard outside this shop.

Sometimes, I took a shower and the words came in tumbling my mind. I talked to myself like a crazy woman. Trying to create a sentence or two while shampooing my hair. Yeah! I am like that, sometimes. If someone hears me, good luck to me. That person would think I was going crazy. Why I am talking English, while taking a bath. After that cool bath, the words are gone just like that. It’s like a snap of your finger.

Whenever, I sit here facing the computer, I opened a social media site such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram instead of you. Also, I opened a role-playing (online) game like Cabal Ph. I open you, my blog, only for checking and publishing comments. No writings, I am sorry. I've been so busy with the others.

Working on a Computer
But, don’t you worry. I have changed your template. I hope you like it because it is cool and pleasant for me. Your visitors won’t have a hard time adjusting their glasses by reading your article.

My dearest blog, this is just the beginning. Time to time, I will visit you, again. I will do some revisions and fixing regarding on widgets and disclaimer.

Hope to see you again!

Your writer,

Hands Are Full

Hi dearies! My hands are full right, now. As I've written in my post before, I am organizing and checking different accounts from different websites. Some of it were suspended for inactivity while other sites are down. I don't have the idea because it's been so long since I've been active. I want to get back to it.

While checking my accounts, I am into playing an online game where I can sell the game money called alz. I have clients who will come into the shop and buy it. Others, will just message to order. So, I have to play the game to find more alz.

Yes, I join contests but most of the contest I joined is a simple "Like and Share" for their page. There are surveys too! If you're lucky, you'll be one of the hundredths to win gifts in exchange for the survey. I'm choosy regarding contests, right now. I choose contests with simple mechanics.

As a mom, my hands are full for my little son. :)

My Parents, I Missed!

parents, dad and mom
It is not only things to do online that I missed. I missed those who were used to let me see the whole world – My Parents! I’m getting misty-eyed.  It really breaks my heart whenever I think about them.

In 2008, my mother has a long battle with cervical cancer until she has given up. I am not a perfect daughter to my mom. I had a lot of mistakes and wrongdoings. But, the time has come when she needed us the most, I almost break down! My mother still think about us – her two siblings  to take care of. Her words still linger into my ears, “Gusto ko pang mabuhi! Gusto ko pang mo-atiman sa akong mga anak.” (I want to live! I want to take care of my children.”) I begun to understand her love for us. I admit, I misunderstood my mom in showing her love to us. She’s not the kind of mom who would tell us the three words we all love to hear but she showed it through her actions.

My father had a stroked that paralyzed half of his body. Then my brother had made a decision to bring papa to his house in Cavite. Papa had stayed with his siblings in Iligan. When he stayed in my brother's house, he was well-taken care of. I made a visit November 2013 with husband and son whom he saw for the first time. We can not stay for another day because of my husband's work. It is sad and hard to say goodbye especially when my father started to cry. After two months, I went back with my son and stayed there for more than a week. But, when I made a decision to go back home, something went wrong. My father can hardly stand up when I'm changing his diaper. We let him stand while holding on the stairway as an exercise. One day, my son and I were watching TV and papa sat on his makeshift bamboo bed when suddenly he fall flat faced on the floor. I cried and helped him up and sat him on the bed. But, he signaled that he want to sleep. I slowly lay him down on his bed. There was a blood from his nose. I am afraid that the fall made his nose broken or something. After three days, my brother tried to talk to him but his eyes were on the window as if he didn't hear him. My brother asked me if I still decide to go home because of our father's situation whom he think will live only for a few days. He told me to inform father's siblings and call a priest to bless him. In the morning of February 7 (2014), the priest came and blessed my father. The priest told us to prepare because he might go anytime. According to the priest, my father cannot talk, anymore but he can clearly hear us. By mid-afternoon of the same day, two siblings came, both had prayed while his sister cried. Between 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. when my father had draw his last breath. Father is gone! I didn't saw him for the last time but hear him. My son kept on calling me in the bathroom. There were good and bad things about him, though. I keep on remembering the good childhood memories with my father

There are times when I think about them and reflect on my relationship with them. It moved me into tears and regret. The guilt speaks for itself but that's over now. I can not change it, anymore because they are both in heaven. Thank you! I missed you and I love you, both!

Missing A Lot

I missed writing the events of  my own life. That’s one particular reason why I blogged. To write what’s on my mind – heartaches, paranoia, depression, echetera. Be it good or bad, it doesn’t matter! Quote and unquote from Meagan Aguilar, “ I have no one to turn to”! Yes, I have no one to turn to except on blogging. I’m not an artist who can turn to the media.   I want to write to express my feelings on how and what I feel but whenever I sat down and face the computer, my mind went blank and asked myself, “Am I going to write about this?”. Depressions bad, I’m not ready. So, instead of writing what’s on my mind, I do other things online.

From my last post, I am missing a lot…

I missed joining and blogging about contests. I admit that I turn to Facebook contests “Like and Share” from different companies. Sometimes, I click a bloggers giveaway link, shared it on Facebook but when it comes to Instagram and questions, I leaved it blank. I’m trying to learn it’s process .

As of now, I’m slowly going back to where I’ve left of like tinkering my blog from time to time, Facebook contests and playing online game (play while you earn).