Childhood Memories with My Father

I am daddy's little girl. You bet! I'm the eldest and only girl in the family, aside from my youngest brother. I remember so well, how my father will wake me up in the evening because he brought a gallon of ice cream for me. Sometimes, we go out and sit in a bamboo-made rafts and go fishing. My fishing pole is small and daddy would swing it for me. Oh, I'm the first one who caught the fish! Hooray!

My father worked in a car company as Car Sales Manager. One of the benefits or advantage of the said company is a FREE car. I'm very happy when I saw it because we can travel easily wherever we want to go. Then, we visit my grandparents in Kiwalan, Iligan City every weekend. Oftentimes, I would tag along when he has potential clients who showed interests. But, then, life is not always on the top, my father sold the car to pay the hospital bills. .
red car, wedding

One day, my cousin (whom I haven't met, yet) posted a photo of the car. It was our car when I was only a little girl. It brings back, my childhood memories in the 70's. The woman wearing a bridal wear is her mom. In addition, she comment, "Who own's this car?". I replied that it was our car.

father, dad My father is old and it breaks my heart. I am not around to take care of him even a lot of hurdles between us, though. Distance and financial keep us apart, I prayed for longer and sustainable life. I may not show it, but you are always in my heart. Thank you Papa. Even if he's old, the love and knowledge remains. Go ask him anything about cars.  Whenever you have a problem with the automotive parts, ask him. You'll be surprised by his suggestions and answers that leaves you satisfied. Just a word of precaution, let him talk, boast or else? You know my father but as the old one, let him be. Just play along, it won't hurt you.

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